What Is 3-Way Matching & How Does It Work?

3 way match

The 2 way matching process is the default approach to verify invoices across organizations. But companies are increasingly adopting three way matching to add an additional layer of verification and prevent overspending. AP auditing should be carried out regularly to ensure processes are being followed. Consider implementing a quarterly audit to double-check that invoices are being matched as per your guidelines. Even a simple 2-way matching process (invoice and purchase order) can help you detect fraud early. Any new business process, including invoice matching, needs to be justified by its purported benefits.

What Is 3-Way Matching?

The invoice fields are then automatically extracted using optical character recognition technology. Softwares like ClearTech also promise 100% accurate invoice digitization with a combination of OCR technology and tech-enabled http://info-kmu.com.ua/2014/07/31/page/20/ human-led managed services. A 3-way match can then be automatically performed on the extracted data, and any invoice with discrepancies beyond the acceptable threshold will be flagged and raised to the vendor.

Benefits of Three-Way Matching

It helps ensure that the customer gets the goods they ordered in the quantity requested and at the price they agreed to. It ensures that the customer is satisfied with the product and service they receive. The receiving or inventory department must also ensure that https://www.gumer.info/bibliotek_Buks/Psihol/harr/13.php all goods and services are received in good condition. The invoice also consists of the quantities of goods or services purchased and the total amount due. The invoice must match the purchase order and delivery note for the three-way match to be successful.

Pros Of 3-Way Matching

3 way match

Automated systems can also help to spot discrepancies quickly and accurately, saving time and money. Each of these stakeholders is essential in ensuring the process runs smoothly. Receiving high-quality goods and services is vital for improving your business. If you don’t get the materials or other goods or services you paid for, your business will suffer one way or another, whether it’s through defective products or impaired internal processes. Without it, your business would have lost money, or you and the supplier would have wasted time trying to unravel the overpayment when it was discovered.

Three-Way Matching: A Comprehensive Guide

The 4-way match is the most time-consuming but meticulous of all the processes. It should be done only when strict compliance or verification is needed. Thus, a three-way match should be utilized as often as possible (for a business of any size) when the necessary paperwork and resources are available.

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The process is even more demanding for businesses with many suppliers. With three-way invoice matching, it is easy to identify discrepancies between the goods and services ordered, delivered, and invoiced. Since all these documents are compared, the accounts payable team can determine if they should make a payment, make only a partial payment, or wait until an issue is resolved.

3 way match

The Future Of 3-Way Matching

3 way match

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  • By ditching the manual matching and approval workflow, you can rid your AP team of the extra work.
  • Matches any character which is not a word character.This is the opposite of \w.By default, matches non-underscore (_) charactersfor which str.isalnum() returns False.
  • While three-way matching does require an extra step, you can streamline your processes if you’re using automation.
  • For example, three-way matching involves comparing the invoice with the PO and GRN to ensure all details are aligned.
  • A 3-way match occurs when an invoice is matched with the details of both the purchase order and the receiving report.

They check the PO and ensure it has been approved before paying the invoice. They verify that the quantity and details match those specified on the invoice — in this case, that the order is for 1,500 circuit boards at a rate of $3 each, totaling $4,500 altogether. AP 3-way matching is the process of taking an invoice https://logoburg.com/page346480.html for the purchase of goods or services and matching it with the corresponding purchase order (PO) and receiving information (order receipt). This is done to ensure that the details on each document agree with each other. Automating 3-way matching is simple when you upgrade to Planergy’s e-procurement system.